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What is a Micro DOT Helmet

Posted by Michael (Mad Dog) Lowthorp on

Ever wonder what makes a Helmet a MicroDOT Helmet? A Micro DOT Helmet is a Bikers Helmet that has Five Key Features In Common:

1. It Weighs Less Than a Standard Bottle of Water.

2. It has a Soft Adjustable Quick Release Chin Strap for an Easy On-Off Experience.

3. It has at least a 0.8" polystyrene protective layer, the minimum required for D.O.T. Certification.

4. It is backed up with Life Time Warranty on the Safety Devices

5. The Rider is Protected with an Accident Replacement Policy.  

Micro D.O.T. Helmets are the Micro Slim Beanie Helmets category with  the Lightest, Smallest, and Thinnest D.O.T. Approved Motorcycle half face helmets in the market. Bikers love them because they provide a cool and comfortable low profile classic vintage style.

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