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Safety Tips for Bikers When Riding a Motorcycle at Night 

Posted by Lucy Lowthorp on

Do you love riding your motorcycle at night? 

Well, you're not the only one who loves indulging in a cool breeze, empty roads, and the glaring night lights during nocturnal motorcycle expeditions.  According to the CDC's data, the risk of suffering an accident at night is doubled compared to having an accident during the day. That is why it is essential to take extreme precautions when there is reduced visibility. 

To be on the safe side, please, take note of these tips that will help you ride a motorcycle at night in a much safer way :

1.    Check the Motorcycle Lights: 

Many times, we get in a hurry and do not realize that the motorcycle lights do not work or do it improperly. Check that the headlights work and are correctly leveled. Do not forget to check the turn signals, the brake light, and the license plate light.

2.    Do No wear Smoked Visors or Sunglasses: Smoked visors and sunglasses are very useful to protect you from reflections and the incidence of the sun. However, when night falls, it prevents us from seeing clearly and is extremely dangerous. It is better to use a fully transparent riding glass, like the clear Riding Glasses from Micro DOT Helmets

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3.    Wear Reflective and/or Light-Colored Gear: 

The motorcycle itself is difficult to be seen by other vehicles. But a helmet is the easiest thing to spot from a distance. We recommend you always wearing a Biker Helmet that is DOT certified and apply reflective tape or reflective stickers to the sides, the front, and the back of your Micro DOT Helmet. That way, the drivers would see you better from a distance. It is also advisable to wear light-colored gear and add reflective tape to your vest or your jacket. That is the cheapest way to ride safer without investing in a new biker helmet or new leather gear.

4.    Increase Safety Distance: 

Low visibility reduces the reaction times to sudden changes on the road, like someone stepping on the breaks or a smart guy making unexpected changes of lanes. Therefore, increase your distance from the vehicle in front of you.

5.    Reference Paint on the Pavement and Road Markings: 

The darkness itself or even the glare from the headlights of other vehicles coming against you can make you lose the line you are riding on. A good practice is to look at the paint line that delimits the road lane or look at the markers on the right and left margin as your reference points.

6.    Increase your the Frequency of your Stops:  

At night, the body tends to relax quicker, getting drowsy. Therefore, tiredness and sleepiness can appear somewhat faster. Stop and rest as much as needed and shorten the times between your stops.

7.     Always Flash your Lights before Overtaking or Passing a Vehicle: 

Flashing your lights when you're about to overtake a car or a bike is one way you can let the other drivers know that you plan on taking speed ahead of their vehicle. People keep their windows up and are also usually playing loud music, which means they won't be able to hear you honk. So, it is always better to flash your lights.


It is rightly said; safety is better than precaution. If you are a biker that usually doesn't wear a biker helmet during the day we strongly recommend you to wear the Smallest DOT Beanie Helmet that is DOT approved, like a MicroDOT helmet at night . That is one way you ensure your safety, security, and life. If you love riding along the roads with your bike, do so while wearing a Micro DOT helmet.

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